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Ambrogio Twenty Elite 1000m2

Ambrogio Twenty Elite 1000m2


Meet Ambrogio Twenty Elite, the mini robot lawn mower designed with advanced features to minimize environmental impact. Despite its compact size, weighing just 7 kg and measuring 42 cm, this baby of the new generation is equipped with cutting-edge technology. With the latest generation processors, brushless motors, powerful batteries, and an 18 cm blade, it can efficiently manage up to 4 separate areas, delivering fast and precise results.

  • PRODUCT Features

    The Elite model includes the Connect module, enabling remote management, interaction, and monitoring of the robot's functions. It is also compatible with voice assistants, such as SMART ASSISTANT, and can be integrated with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. Through SMART ASSISTANT, you can issue vocal commands, request information about the robot's operation, and access working statistics.

    Key Features of the Ambrogio Twenty Elite Robot:

    ZCS CONNECT - Stay connected and interact with your robot from anywhere at any time. The Ambrogio Remote App allows you to set up time profiles, track the robot's location through geolocation, and designate specific areas for isolation or targeted work ("Go Away" function). You can also monitor the robot's status and receive alerts if it strays outside your garden, thanks to the advanced Geo-fence alarm and anti-theft system. The "Go Home" and "Work Now" functions provide direct communication with the robot, allowing it to return to the recharging station or continue working as desired.

    SMART ASSISTANT - With ZCS Connect compatibility, the Ambrogio Twenty Elite can interact with users through popular voice assistants, including Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. Take advantage of this feature to issue vocal commands, obtain information about the robot's functioning, and access working statistics.

    LATEST GENERATION MOTHERBOARD - The robot's faster processors can handle larger volumes of data at higher rates, all while consuming less power.

    BLUETOOTH & GSM - Enjoy the convenience of software updates and remote control capabilities through the built-in Bluetooth and GSM communication technologies, ensuring seamless connectivity and control within a close range.

    TOUCH DISPLAY - The interactive and intuitive touch display allows effortless interaction with the robot's operating system by simply touching the screen with your fingers, eliminating the need for physical keys.

    AMICO (optional) - AMICO technology, represented by the ZCS logo, ensures the safe operation of the Ambrogio robot near animals. When the robot approaches any animal wearing an AMICO tag, the blade automatically shuts down. This micro device can be attached to the collar of an average or large-sized pet or placed on the back of animals like tortoises, allowing communication with the Ambrogio robot.

    Ambrogio Twenty Elite combines compact size, innovative technology, and smart features to provide a remarkable mowing experience while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

  • Technical info

    Area Capacity

    1,000m2 (-20% Recommended)


    GSM GPS Tracking

    Battery Charge Method

    Contact – Auto Return to Base

    Battery Voltage & Capacity

    25.9V / 1 x 2.5Ah

    Bump Sensor



    Bluetooth, ZCS (GSM)

    Cutting Blades

    4 Point Star

    Cutting Height

    2.5cm – 6.0cm

    Cutting Width


    Perimeter Wire Cut Mode

    Yes (Scheduled)

    Emergency Stop



    Yes (electronic)

    LED Display


    Multi Zone

    4 Zones


    <59 dB

    Rain Sensor

    Yes (Configuable)

    Running Time per Charge

    Up to 2.5 Hours

    Schedule Mowing

    Yes (Local & App)

    Spiral Cut Mode

    Yes (Auto Sensing)

    Straight Cut Mode

    Yes (Custom Algorithm)

    Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

    Yes (45 deg approx)

    Type of Battery

    Lithium Ion


    2 Yrs Standard



    Robot Dimentions

    54cm x 45cm x 25.2cm

    Robot Weight


    Battery Charging Time

    1.5 Hours

    Cutting Motor Type

    High Efficiency Brushless

    Max Allowable Slope

    45% Gradient

    Max Consistent Slope

    35% Gradient

    Max Edge Slope

    20% Gradient

    Cutting Motor Power

    250W Variable

    Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)


    GPS/GSM Navigation

    ZCS Connect (GPS/GSM)

    Smart Partitions

    Yes (Ambrogio System)

    SDM Cutting System

    Yes (Ambrogio System)

    Eco Mode

    Yes (Ambrogio System)

    Self Leveling


    App Control

    Free IOS & Android App

    Smart Home Integration


    Base Station


    Base Station Cover


    Base Station Fixings

    20 Nails

    Power Supply

    2 Amp

    Rear Wheels

    220mm Hard Rubber

    Front Wheels

    2 x 65mm (Patented)

    Cutting Blade Speed

    2400 rpm

    Travel Speed

    30 metres per minute

  • In the box

    • Ambrogio Twenty Elite Robot Lawn Mower
    • User Manual
    • Fixing Nails (20 pieces)
    • Charging Station
    • power Supply 2.3amp
  • Accessories

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