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E1800S 4.4AH Robotic Lawn Mower "SHEEPY"

E1800S 4.4AH Robotic Lawn Mower "SHEEPY"

SKU: E1800S

The EXGAIN E1800S SHEEPY, is the mower for those of us with normal size lawns. With a powerful motor on each wheel and 3 sharp cutting blades, capable of cutting even the thickest lawns, SHEPPY takes the hard work out of gardening so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful lawn. The ultra-quiet motor, and ability to work in all weathers and at all times of day, means that you can even schedule the mower to work through the night, without worrying about disturbing yourself or your neighbours. E1800S has a built in anti-theft pin code and alarm, so you know that he will be safe in your garden. With an adjustable cutting height and a cutting area of up to 1000m2 EXGAIN E1800S is the right lawn mower for you if you have section between 400 - 1000m2.

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  • Additional Information

    Mowing width 21cm

    Cutting height 2.5 - 5.5cm

    Hill capability 30degree

    Area settings up to 6

    Battery 4.4AH

    Area on charge 500m2

    Total area 1500m2 (+-20%)

    Warranty 12Mt (back to Base)


    if your mower was installed by one of our qualified installers. your are not happy with 

  • Package contains:


    -Charging Station


    -100m Cable

    -100 Pegs

    -Spare Blades and screws

    -Cable jointer





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