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WORX Landroid WR150E 1500m2

WORX Landroid WR150E 1500m2

$2,995.00 Regular Price
$2,895.00Sale Price

The Worx WR150E is designed specifically for medium-sized gardens up to 1500m2. Its Smart Auto scheduling and intelligent navigation make it faster and more agile than other robot mowers, ensuring efficient and precise mowing every time. With the Cut to Edge feature, it can reach the borders of your lawn, delivering a flawless finish.

  • PRODUCT Features

    • What sets the WR150E apart is its fully customizable nature. It offers five unique options, allowing you to tailor its performance to your specific needs. Additionally, Worx PowerShare enables the Landroid to share its battery with all Worx 20V cordless tools, enhancing its versatility and convenience.

      With sensorless brushless motors, the same technology used in electric vehicles, the WR150E delivers powerful and reliable performance. It also benefits from automatic over-the-air software updates, ensuring that your robot mower stays up to date with the latest features and improvements.

      The Worx WA0194 Garage serves as a home for your Landroid, providing protection from extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. While the Landroid is already weatherproof, the garage adds an extra layer of security for your investment. Installing the garage is a breeze, as it simply requires attaching a two-piece frame to the sides of the roof. Once assembled, you can place the Landroid garage over the charging station effortlessly.

      WORX WR150E Robot Lawn Mower Features:

    • Perfect for medium-sized gardens up to 1500m2
    • Smart Auto Scheduling
    • Agile and faster than other models with AIA technology
    • Cut to Edge for a precise finish along the lawn edges
    • Configurable to your specific needs with five unique options
    • Worx PowerShare allows battery sharing with all Worx 20V cordless tools
    • Equipped with sensorless brushless motors for reliable performance
    • Automatic Over the Air Software updates
    • Cutting Height: 30-70mm
    • Cutting Width: 220mm
  • Technical info

    Area Capacity

    1,500m2 (-20% Recommended)

    Eco Mode



    4 Digit Security Pin

    Battery Charging Time

    1.5 Hours

    Battery Charge Method

    Contact – Auto Return to Base

    Battery Voltage & Capacity

    20V / 4.0Ah

    Bump Sensor


    Cutting Blades

    3 x Centrifugal


    Radio Link (Optional), WiFi (Fully Intergrated)

    Cutting Height

    3cm – 7cm

    Cutting Width


    Perimeter Wire Cut Mode

    Cut to Edge Feature (off set blades), Yes (Scheduled)

    Emergency Stop



    Yes (electronic)

    Max Allowable Slope

    45% Gradient

    LED Display


    Smart Partitions


    Multi Zone

    4 Zones



    Rain Sensor

    Yes (Configuable)

    Running Time per Charge

    Up to 2 Hours

    Schedule Mowing

    Yes (Local & App)

    Straight Cut Mode

    Yes (Custom Algorithm)

    Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

    Yes (45 deg approx)

    Type of Battery

    Lithium Ion


    2 + 1 Yr Standard

    Robot Dimentions

    63cm x 44.5cm x 22.5cm

    Robot Weight


    Box Dimentions

    70cm x 56cm x 28cm

    Box Gross Weight




    Rear Wheels

    240mm Hard Rubber

    Front Wheels

    2 x 95mm

    Base Station


    Base Station Cover


    Base Station Fixings

    8 Screws

    Perimeter Wire

    200 mt

    Perimeter Wire Pegs

    270 ea

    Power Supply

    3 Amp

    App Control

    Free IOS & Android App

    Smart Home Integration

    Compatible with Alexa

    GPS/GSM Navigation


    SDM Cutting System


    Spiral Cut Mode


    Travel Speed

    25 metres per minute

    Self Leveling


    Cutting Motor Type


    Max Consistent Slope

    35% Gradient

    Max Edge Slope

    25% Gradient

    Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)

    Yes (Worx System)



    recomended area m2

    Big (1000-2000m2)



    Cutting Blade Speed

    2200 rpm

    Max Perimeter wire Length

    450 metres

  • What’s in the box

    • User Manual (Click here to download)
    • Worx WR150E Robot Lawn Mower
    • 1 WA0194 Garage
    • 2 Repair Connectors
    • 3 Sets of Spare Blades
    • 1 Allen Key
    • 1 Charging Station
    • 8 Charging Station Fixing Screws
    • 270 Wire Pegs
    • 1 Power Supply
    • 200 meters of Perimeter Wire
    • 1 20V 4.0Ah Battery
    • Boundary Wire Distance Gauge
    • 1 External corner wire Distance Ruler
  • Accessories

    • WORX WA0864 – RadioLink Accessory for Landroid (extends WIFI connection)
    • WORX WA0863 –  Robotic Mower Landroid, Robot, Off Limits Accessory
    • WORX WA0865 – Landroid High Pitch Alarm Accessory
    • WORX WA0860 – Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, Robot, ACS, Anti Collision System Accessory
    • WORX WA0194 –  Garage, Shelter, Designed for WORX Landroid Robotic Robot Lawn Mower
    • WORX Landroid 180m Boundary Wire (50024723)
    • WORX WA0190 – Landroid Genuine 25mm replacement cutting blades Kit 12pcs with screws
    • WORX WA0460 – Landroid 75mm Lawn Pegs for boundary wire installation (Includes: 200 pieces)
    • WORX WA0870 – Landroid 20m magnetic strip, pegs &amp; connector for Off Limits accessory.
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