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Warranty & Repair

With industry experience and a dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service, you can rest assured that our commitment to you does not end the second the product has been delivered and installed. and our qualified dealers, we are experienced in all matters related to your robotic lawn mower and are always on hand to help you. cover all warranty claims and repairs on behalf of the manufacturers. 
Your rights under the Consumer Rights Act are against the retailer – the company that sold you the product, not the manufacturer. Meaning you need to go back and deal with the retailer who sold you the product. We are dedicated to ensuring that your mower always provides you with the level of service you expect. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a problem with your mower so that we can help you. 
We will establish whether the issue falls under warranty and if the mower has to come back to base and we repair it ourselves. We only use genuine parts and all warranty claims are dealt with us personally. We do not sub-contract repairs, and we do not have a call centre. The majority of manufacturers have a 12month warranty period from the date of purchase, however, some manufacturers may vary. It is also worth noting what parts are covered under warranty, for example, blades are not because these are considered wear and tear.
We also provide repairs outside of warranty, again using only genuine parts and with our trademark personal service. 
For all repairs, we will attempt to collect and return all robotic lawnmowers .
If you have a problem with your robotic lawnmower, please contact a member of the team.

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